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How does neuroscience impact our everyday lives? Find out here, as the PhD students, scientists, and student participants of DNO share their stories on how neuroscience has them driving connectivity.

Congratulations Julius!

Julius B. is Germany’s 2017 Nationals Neuroscience Champion.

On April 1st, 2017, Julius achieved 1st place, out of 35 students, during on our DNO Regionals event held at the Max Delbrück Communications Center (MDC.C) in Berlin, Germany. His win allowed him to progress to the Nationals DNO event, where he also earn 1st place out of the initial 120 participants who entered our 2017 neuroscience Olympiad event series. As the National winner, Julius represented Germany at the 2017 World Brain Bee Championship, which took place on August 3-6,2017 in Washington D.C. during the 125th Annual American Psychological Association Conference.

Student Connection

Inspiring stories from the student participants of the Deutsche Neurowissechaften-Olympiade.

Report: Behaviour Conference 2017

By Isabel K:  2017 DNO Nationals, 3rd Place Winner As third placed competitor at the national round of the German Neuroscience Olympiad, I...

Praktikum – Leibniz Institut für Altersforschung

Von Rebecca R.:  2017 DNO Nationals, 2rd Place Winner Ich durfte vom 22. bis zum 24. Mai ein sehr kurzes aber auch überaus...

Congratulations to Julius!

Julius Böhme is Germany’s 2017 Nationals Neuroscience Champion! Julius Böhme is a 17 years old student attending the Gymnasium “Am Sonnenberg,” Crivitz in...

Internship: Deep Brain Stimulation

By Julius B.:  2017 DNO-Bonn Nationals, 1st Place Winner I did an internship at the Charité in Berlin from 17th to 28th of...

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Certainly all participants of this year’s DNO regional event in Berlin did a great job and were very well prepared for the...

Outreach: The importance of being involved in DNO

When I first heard about the Deutsche Neurowissenschaften Olympiade (DNO) e.V. , I was a little surprised because I had never studied...

DNO Bonn: A 2nd Year of Success

DNO Bonn 2018: a second year of success for participants and organizers On the 17th of March, Life&Brain Center welcomed for a 2nd...

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