After rigorous competition and extraordinary demonstrations of talent by students from across Germany, Lukas Schick of Helmholtz Gymnasium Heidelberg finished victorious with a near perfect score from the day’s contests. Lukas received a 250-Euro Amazon gift card and a travel award of 800 Euros to travel to the Internationl Brain Bee. Receiving awards as well were second place winner Sophie Stark of Liselotte Gymnasium Mannheim, third place winner Mara Schubert of Stromberg-Gymnasium Vaihingen an der Enz, fourth place winner Luca Stier of Helmholtz Gymnasium Heidelberg, and tied for fifth were Noel Lorenz and Leandra Impelmann, both of the Berlin International School.

All participating students performed greatly through questions of neuroanatomy, neurological patient diagnosis, genetics, molecular biology, neurohistology, electrophysiology, and more. The judges were Prof. Dr. Andrea Möller of Trier University Depts. of Biology and Science Education, Prof. Dr. Andreas Draguhn of Heidelberg University Center for Interdisciplinary Neurosciences, and Dr. Knut Schnell of the Heidelberg University Dept. of Psychiatry. Examining tissue sections from human brains, analyzing videos of patients with Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injury, and answering questions posed by the neuroscientist judges were some of the day’s activities. Photos were captured by professional photographer, Thales Gutcke of


In September, Lucas will represent the Republic of Germany at the International Brain Bee Neuroscience Competition in Vienna, Austria during the world Congress of Neurology.



Many thanks to all student participants, teachers, school administrators, judges, sponsors, event volunteers, and organizing committee members for making this year’s event truly exceptional:

Julianne McCall, Thekla Hemstedt, Ina Simeonova, Dr. Beatrice Sandner, Ioana Goganau, Dr. Lyn Tan, Kitty Tryon, Julia Lochead, Ece Gaffarogullari, Chiara Raedelli, Silvana Tasic, Dr. Yun-Ysuan Chang, Ali Ghanem, Jagadeesh Gandla, Frauke Leitner, Janine Klein