The non-profit organization Deutsche Neurowissenschaften-Olympiade or DNO e.V. was founded in December 2015 and is currently based in Heidelberg, at the Spinal Cord Injury Center. The board consist of 8 members:

Head: Ina K. Simeonova, Head: Dr. Beatrice Sandner, Treasurer: Dr. Julianne McCall, Secretary: Nathalie Tisch, Committee Member & Cash Auditor: Catarina Luís, Committee Member: Ionut Dumitru, Committee Member: Dr. Tiziana Cesetti, Committee Member: Dr. Frauke Leitner.

Our purpose is educational: we aim at spreading knowledge about the brain and about the nervous system, combining it with the thrill of a competition, with interaction between high school students and scientists and with recreational activities, such as funny experiments. With this, we would like to support young, motivated and talented students and to offer them insights into biomedical research. Our goal is also to make the Neuroscience-Olympiad known in Germany. Following the example of other countries and other competitions, such as the Biology- and Mathematics-Olympiads, we plan to establish local competitions across Germany within the next few years in order to reach a larger number of students.