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Partnership institutes are our connection to the local neuroscience community. They help our local teams maintain the high educational quality of our event by providing organisational support of our Neuroscience Olympiads. Local partners are a source for science education opportunities, as they provide insight into their neuroscience research to our student participants. Most importantly, our partners share our drive in increasing brain awareness amongst students, teachers, and the general public.

For more information about the Deutsche Neurowissenschaften-Olympiade organization as well as how to get involved with our educational outreach initiative, please review our partnerships and sponsorship booklet. 

Creative and innovative partnerships are most welcome!
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Partnerships | Feel free to contact any member of the executive board or one of our local Team leaders!
Sponsorships | Antong He | sponsorships@dno-ev.de


DNO e.V. is a non-profite, 100% volunteer organistion.Every donation has a direct impact on our student participants.


Join our initiative to promote neuroscience education in Germany.


DNO is supported by top students, scientists and teachers. Become a member of our team today!

our sponsors

Our sponsors share our mission of spreading knowledge and a passion for learning about the neurosciences amongst young students across Germany. Because of our sponsors, we are able to offer a robust Germany-wide neuroscience outreach and educational program, providing an early introduction to neuroscience and a life-change experiencing for our students. For this we are deeply grateful for their support.


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