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The humble beginnings, growth and expansion of the
Deutsche Neurowissenshaften-Olympiade e.V.

The Deutsche Neurowissenshaften-Olympiade e.V. is a part of the International Brain Bee organization. The ‘Brain Bee’ is a live question and answer neuroscience competition designed to teach students about the brain. Initially founded in the late 1990s by Dr. Norbert Myslinski, a neuropharmacologist, in the United States of America, the Brain Bee program has expanded beyond the U.S., with the support of enthusiastic scientists and teachers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

“There are over 1000+ neurological and psychological diseases for which there is no cure. Only through a new generation of great minds making advances in research and technology can new discoveries and breakthroughs be achieved. We aim to reach, teach, and inspire the next generation of neuroscientists.”

Our motto, “Driving Connectivity,” refers to the multiple organizational and functional levels of neuronal activity within the human brain. It also refers to our desire to encourage national and international exchange among young students on their way towards a scientific career.

New in Germany. Inspired by the ‘Brain Bee’ program, Dr. Julianne McCall established the “German Brain Bee” competition in 2011, the first of its kind to take place in Germany. Mainly organized by PhD students, the German Brain Bee was held annually in Heidelberg.

Re-Formation. Since 2015, the “The German Brain Bee” was renamed the “Deutsche Neurowissenschaften-Olympiade” (DNO). Currently, DNO is supported by students, scientists, teachers and professors, as well as the Biology-Olympiad, ‘Jugend-Forscht’ and the German Neuroscience Society (NWG).

Germany-wide expansion. In 2016, the board of the DNO e.V., including PhD students and other scientists, began the process of expanding the competition throughout Germany and also aims to initiate other projects, such as summer research schools.


Young, talented students and encourage them to become fascinated by the world’s most powerful computing machine: the brain.

Shape Minds

By providing opportunities for students to have a first-class neuroscience research experience, giving them a foundation of scientific inquiry and inspiration at the beginning stages of their careers.


Young students to contribute to society by encouraging them to be creative scientists motivated, to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and research to discover, treat, cure, and prevent.

Our Impact

Our student participants experience a positive and long-lasting impact

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student participants

Regional locations

Our Board

Meet the board members of the DNO e.V umbrella organization

Dr. Ina Simeonova

Neuroscientist, PhD

Managing Director, DNO e.V.
Heidelberg, Germany

Version 2

LaShae Nicholson

Neuroscience Ph.D Student

Managing Director, DNO e.V.
Frankfurt, Germany

Mandy Watson cropped

Mandy Watson

High-School Teacher

Treasurer, DNO e.V.
Berlin, Germany


Friedrich Schwarz

Medical Student

Secretary, DNO e.V.
Göttingen, Germany


Florian Kohrt

Physics Student

Board Member, DNO e.V.
Munich, Germany

Chiara Galante cropped

Chiara Galante

Neuroscience PhD. Student

Board member, DNO e.V.
Mainz, Germany

Julia Mueller cropped

Julia Müller

Neuroscience Ph.D. Student

Board Member, DNO e.V.
Bonn, Germany

Prof. Dr. Christian steinhäuser

Prof. Dr. C. Steinhäuser

Neuroscientist, Ph.D.

Gen. Secretary, NWG e.V.
Bonn, Germay

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