For each of the Deutsche Neurowissenschaften-Olympiade events, all questions are in English. We provide study materials to help you prepare for the event, which are derived from the following sources:
  1. The Neuroscience of the Brain, a booklet published by the International Brain Research Organization and available for free download by clicking here for the full version in English (German translation, for reference use only).
  2. The second resource, our new 2018 Official Study Guide, is compiled and published by the Deutsche Neurowissenschaften-Olympiade e.V. The guide is password protected and only available to our competition participants. Inside this official study guide, additional information on which brain structures are included in the Neuroanatomy Section of the event (along with diagrams of each structure), which neurological diseases are included in the Patient Diagnosis Section (along with information about each disease), and other helpful tips for preparing for the competition can be found.

Our pervious 2017 Official Study Guide, also a freely downloadable, is password protected and only made accessible to our competition participants as a reference. This guide will be removed after this years event cycle. All competition questions will be based on the 2018 Official Study Guide.

Our DNO e.V. Academic Team is very proud to present our updated 2018 study guide!

The DNO Official Study Guide brings this year:

  •  New info-boxes containing interesting information about the material presented in each chapter.
  • More information on stem cells and the development of the central nervous system in chapter 2: Development of the Nervous System.
  • More histology pictures for the different structure of the human brain in chapter 4: Neuroanatomy
  • A complete reconfiguration of chapter 6: The Unconscious Processing of Neural Information.
  • New information on neuroimaging methods in chapter 7: Pathology of the Nervous System.
  • A glossary of medical/biology terms. 

Are You Ready?

Do you want to to participate in our next Neuroscience Olympiade?
Test your knowledge by answering a few test questions.

Approximately how many neurons does the brain contain?

100 Billion!

The biological clock is located in what part of the brain?


Name the device that measures brain waves.

An Electroencephalograph

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