Making a difference

By driving neuroscience education in Germany

The Deutsche Neurowissenschaften-Olympiade e.V (DNO e.V.) is a non-profit organization, which organizes neuroscience competitions and educational activities, providing a neuroscience outreach and educational platform for high school students.

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We are all about “driving Connectivity”

Our team is comprised of graduate students, scientists, former competition participants and their teachers. Our goal is to inspire talented students to become fascinated about neuroscience and the human brain, then get them connected with other students and scientists who share the same passion.

Our Impact

Our student participants experience a positive and long-lasting impact

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Our Partners and Sponsors

Our partners and sponsors share our mission of spreading knowledge and a passion for learning about the neurosciences amongst young students across Germany. Because of our supporters, we are able to offer a robust Germany-wide neuroscience outreach and educational program, providing an early introduction to neuroscience and a life-change experiencing for our students. For this we are deeply grateful for their support.


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