Dr. Ionut Dumitru

Dr. Ionut Dumitru

Academic Manager

This is a little bit about me and what I do outside of DNO.

Dr. Ionut Dumitru received his PhD in neurobiology from Heidelberg University. His PhD work, investigating adult hippocampal neurogenesis, was preformed in the laboratory of Professor Hannah Monyer at the German Cancer Research Centre. Currently, Dr. Dumitru as a postdoctoral fellow researching neural stem cells and brain regeneration in the laboratory of Professor Jonas Frisén at the Karolinska Institute. During high school, Dr. Dumitru participated in several national and international chemistry Olympiads. His participation in these contests not only lead him to develop a strong sense of logical thinking and a vast wealth of knowledge, but also lead to many memorable moments and valuable friends. These experiences is why Dr. Dumitru decided joined the German Neuroscience Olympiad organisation during his PhD studies. He wants to bring neuroscience closer to students and make it more accessible to the general public.

Members of the Academic Team

Name Local DNO Team Role DNO e-mail address
Dr. Tiziana Cesetti Heidelberg Study guide writing cesetti@heidelberg.dno-ev.de
Chiara Galante Mainz (Berlin Verein) Study guide writing galante@berlin.dno-ev.de
Janina Kupke Heidelberg Study guide writing kupke@heidelberg.dno-ev.de
Sandra Nungeß Frankfurt Study guide writing nungess@frankfurt.dno-ev.de
Dr. Vidhya Rangaraju Frankfurt Study guide writing rangaraju@frankfurt.dno-ev.de
Mandy Watson Berlin Proof reading guide watson@berlin.dno-ev.de
Aman Maharjan Bonn Proof reading guide maharjan@bonn.dno-ev.de
Lena-Luise Becker Berlin Study guide writing becker@berlin.dno-ev.de
Kai Lun Teh Bonn Study guide writing teh@bonn.dno-ev.de
Friedrich Schwarz Berlin Study guide writing Schwarz@berlin.dno-ev.de
Tijana Radic Frankfurt Proof reading guide radic@frankfurt.dno-ev.de